Get MORE tea with Tetley

From the land of tea and tennis, we bring you Tetley: a full-bodied tea, fondly known for its quality and big taste. Established in Britain in 1837 and brewed from some of the world’s finest teas, the brand is steeped in history. 

Today Tetley is the second largest tea brand in the world, and one of the UK’s top teas. In fact, every day millions of cups of Tetley tea are enjoyed in 40 countries across the globe – including South Africa. Since 2009, Tetley has been a part of our family of brands, available as a well-priced, premium black tea. And with a teabag that’s 10% bigger than regular 2,5g teabags, it’s the biggest tea in South Africa. So, you get even more of that magical Tetley flavour in every cup.

Available in packs of 26’s, 102’s in 2.75g teabags