Laager Tea4Kidz Rooibos Range

Even Superheroes need a little help!

Launched in 2001, the Laager Tea4Kidz Rooibos tea range is the first tea ever to be created just for kids. With 5 delicious flavours, each with their own fun animal character, it’s the natural choice for kids. It’s naturally caffeine-free and sugar-free, so it can be enjoyed any time of the day or night! 

Tea4Kidz is perfect served as a warm beverage on a chilly morning, or as a healthy iced tea option with a squeeze of honey and some fresh fruit for home or for lunchboxes. And 2 of the flavours, Peach & Apricot and Apple & Berry, now have added Vitamin C which is perfect for keeping growing bodies strong. Because even superheroes need a little help!

Your kids will have a tough time choosing between these fun flavours and their wild characters:

Trumpy the Elephant’s Regular Rooibos

Henry the Hippo’s Rooibos HoneybushBlend

Rory the Lion’s Strawberry-flavoured Rooibos

Jabuthe Giraffe’s Apple & Berry-flavoured Rooibos with added Vitamin C

Roxy the Rhino’s Peach & Apricot-flavoured Rooibos with added Vitamin C


Available in tagless teabags in packs of 40’s