Tetley Lemon Flavoured Black Tea and Earl Grey

Tetley Lemon flavoured Black tea and Earl Grey

Tetley’s vision is to offer premium tea at affordable prices so that a great cup of tea is within everyone’s reach. In line with this, Tetley Earl Grey and Tetley Lemon-flavoured teas have been expertly blended to give South African tea lovers more choice.

Meticulously sourced and authentically brewed by our Tetley Tea Master, Jonathan Kelsey, Tetley Earl Grey tea delivers the full-bodied flavour of Tetley black tea combined with the subtle citrus notes of Bergamot. The Tetley Lemon-flavoured tea is both refreshing and invigorating offering all the trademark flavour of Tetley black tea infused with a burst of zesty lemon.

Available in packs of 20s and 102s.