Society Cappuccino on a mission to drive meaningful connections, as loneliness grows


As social media platforms have become integrated into everydaylife, people have been granted unlimited access to friends and family, near and far. But as these digital connections have extended, people are experiencing more soundbite interactions and less real, meaningful connections. As a result, despite connection being easier than ever, more and more people are admitting to feeling lonely and isolated on a regular basis.

Society Cappuccino, a premium-quality instant cappuccino that is made with 100% Arabica beans, is being launched in South Africa at a time when meaningful re-connection with people is vital. This brand with a missionis available at all Pick n Pay Hypers, selected Pick n Pay Supers and Family stores, selected Spar stores, selected wholesalers, and online

“This period of lockdown and need for social distancing has enhanced the digital surge in human interaction, but it’s also brought into focus how vital meaningful, human-to-human engagement is for our emotional wellbeing,” explained Society’sCOO, Natalie White. “Through the launch of Society, we are hoping to inspire a movement of increased social connection, re-igniting old friendships and establishing new relationships over a shared cup of coffee.”

While regulations don’t allow for gatherings of friends just yet, the Society brand is encouraging people to find ways to connect during this lockdown period. This could be preparing a meal for an elderly neighbour; calling an old friend out of the blue; or even penning a letter for a child to be opened on a special birthday. This is all part of Society’s social mission to re-establish a more connected and caring Society.

The positive impact these small gestures have on another individual can be life-changing. According to John Cacioppo, an American academic and author specialising in loneliness and its effects, it is the cases of chronic loneliness that need to be addressed. Loneliness can be experienced as a physical pain, that impacts an individual’s emotional and physical wellbeing over time. By increasing the stress hormone, cortisol, and even altering gene-expression, people are more susceptible to viruses and organ deficits.

“We’re seeing more people expressing a sense of loneliness as we lose our quality connections, and this is being compounded by the forced isolation and social distancing in 2020,” noted Society Marketing Manager, Candice Sessions. “The Society movement aims to bridge these digital gaps with something more meaningful. And, while visiting a coffee shop is not necessarily possible right now, people are able to recreate the coffee shop experience by enjoying a cup of Society coffee in their own homes, while chatting to a friend on the phone or over a video call.”

Because Society is crafted from quality Arabica beans, the cappuccino has a full-bodied flavour reminiscent of a café-percolated beverage. Society’s vision is that a conversation enjoyed over a Society Cappuccino will see phones cast aside, as neighbours become friends, friends become family, and lasting connections are made.

To further enhance the Society experience, the brand is also collaborating with Pick n Pay’s Coffee Club for exciting competitions and giveaways; with promotional giveaways also planned at Spar stores.

For more information, visit or be part of the conversation @oursocietycoffee on Facebook and Instagram.