Tetley Green

Your daily cup of get-up-and-go

From the world’s second largest tea brand comes Tetley Pure Green Tea. Refreshing and light, Tetley Green Tea is the smart choice for a balanced lifestyle. The purity of our Tetley Green Tea combined with our selective sourcing of tea leaves and expert brewing capabilities has resulted in the perfect blend for on-the-go South Africans looking for a refreshing tea with built-in health benefits.

  • Tetley Pure Green tea is prized for its smooth, refreshing flavour and its natural health benefits
  • Tetley Mint-flavoured Green tea imparts a cool and sweet sensation leaving you feeling naturally refreshed
  • Tetley Lemon-flavoured Green tea uplifts you with its zesty freshness
  • Tetley Apple-flavoured Green tea delights your senses with its fresh flavour and pleasant aroma

Available in packs of 20’s and 102’s