Laager Tea4Kidz+ Rooibos crunchies


1 cup Raw Rolled oats
1 cup Mixed Nuts
½ cup Coconut Flakes
½ cup Seed mix (flaxseeds, sesame and linseeds)
10 teabags Laager Tea4Kidz+ Peach & Apricot Rooibos teabags, opened
3 Tbsp Butter
2/3 cup Honey
1/4 cup Sugar or sugar substitute
1.5 tsp Vanilla extract
1.5 cups Dried peaches and apricots, chopped
Pinch Coarse salt


  1. Mix the nut and seed mixture together well. Spread onto a baking tray then sprinkle the contents of the tea bags over the top – roast at 190 degrees for 10-15 minutes, stirring every few minutes to ensure even toasting.
  2. While the nut, seed + tea mix are roasting, melt butter in saucepan and add sugar, honey, salt and vanilla – melt together until sugar has dissolved.
  3. Remove roasted nuts and combine with the butter honey mixture in a large bowl and press firmly into a deep sided baking tray.
  4. Return the mixture to the oven for 10 minutes and bake until golden.
  5. Cool in the fridge and slice into squares after an hour.
  6. Return to the fridge to cool further then transfer to an airtight container – keeps for a week.