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Giving your kids a daily dose of Vitamin C just got easier

Tea4Kidz a caffeine-free, healthy drink alternative for kids – now has added Vitamin C for an extra boost!

Many South African kids don’t get the vitamins and nutrients they need from their diet, which can result in a Vitamin deficiency. For overwhelmed and cash-strapped parents, it can be tough to ensure your children get all the important vitamins they need each day. It can also be a challenge to provide a balanced diet for your kids that doesn’t contain refined sugar and stimulants.

Vitamin C is a key vitamin for growing kids, offering a number of benefits:

  • It’s the immune system’s best friend (boosts immunity, defends against infection)
  • It’s good for gums
  • Vitamin C strengthens blood vessels and minimizes bruising
  • It helps the body absorb iron
  • It’s packed with antioxidants (which protect against damage caused by free radicals)

Thankfully Tea4Kidz has launched 2 new flavoured Rooibos products that have added Vitamin C, giving your kids all the natural goodness of Rooibos with the added benefits of Vitamin C! Tea4Kidz Plus is available in two delicious flavours – Apple & Berry flavoured Rooibos with added Vitamin C, and Peach & Apricot flavoured Rooibos with added Vitamin C. Tea4Kidz can be enjoyed hot or cold, offering a naturally caffeine-free and sugar-free beverage, now with the added advantage of Vitamin C.

According to Tea4Kidz Marketing Manager Candice Sessions, “We are always looking for ways to empower parents and caregivers and make like easier for them. In a recent Facebook Survey, 1 165 South African parents revealed they wanted us to add ingredients like vitamins to our kids teas. Once the results were analysed, Vitamin C was revealed to be the key ingredient parents wanted their kids to consume more of to help them grow”.

If that’s not enough, Tea4Kidz also aims to empower parents with tools and resources to make their lives easier with the website. Visit the website to find out more about the Tea4Kidz range and other healthy ideas to try.

Available at major retailers nationwide, in packs of 40 teabags.


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