Why Choose Joekels Tea Packers?

Why Choose Joekels Tea Packers?

There’s a reason they call us the tea masters. With more than 20 years of experience as tea suppliers, we blend and distribute some of South Africa’s most popular household tea brands. But that’s just one of the reasons why you should choose Joekels Tea Packers. Take a look at a few more here.

Spoilt for choice

In a world filled with people that have unique tastes and needs, it’s good to know that whatever your preference, we’ll help you get brewing! Our Joekels range of teas includes black tea blends, Rooibos tea, Green Rooibos, flavoured Rooibos, Rooibos for Kids, and Rooibos Cappuccino’s, so we’ve got your tea time sorted! Our brands include Tetley Premium Black Tea, the Laager Rooibos range, Tea4Kidz, Tea Time Black Tea and Rooibos, Phendula Tips, Teeco, and Southall’s Rooibos.

Joekels Rooibos products

Crop to cup

Before our tea reaches you, it goes through a number of steps to ensure that the product you receive is top quality. When it comes to the production of our Rooibos teas, our crop to cup process begins in Summer, when our specially prepared seedling beds are filled with Rooibos seeds. These then sprout into plants which are harvested, then fermented and finally sorted, graded and packaged for your enjoyment. The entire process is overseen by tea experts who pride themselves on ensuring that your next cup of tea is the best yet! This includes Joekels co-founder and master tea blender, Jonathan Kelsey. He is known as the man with Africa’s most expensive tongue, having insured his tongue and taste buds for R5 million.

rooibos tea cup

Trusted tea experts

For many, tea time is a special part of the day. A cup of tea can provide a calming relief or a much-needed quiet moment during a hectic day. Who better to trust with this great escape than the third largest tea manufacturer in South Africa? Our company has made its’ mark in the tea industry – receiving various awards and accreditations along the way. In 2012, we became the only tea producers in South Africa to receive the Global Food Safety Certification FSSC22000. We were also awarded ‘Big Brand of the Year’ by the Shoprite Group in 2015. This means you can rest assured knowing that your great tea escape comes from professionals who are passionate about tea.

We’ve got some cool friends


As the saying goes, “you are the company you keep”, and here at Joekels we pride ourselves on this. We pack around 95% of all private label tea products in South Africa.

Some of the popular retailers we manufacture and package tea for include Shoprite, Checkers, USave, Spar, Pick n Pay, OK and Boxer.

Community connection

Joekels Company Culture

At Joekels, we are community-focused. We believe in providing a product that all tea-lovers can enjoy. Which is why we have joined the online revolution, so that you are able to share your stories and feedback on your Joekels experience. Together with our new corporate Joekels website, we have the Laager Facebook Page and More4Momz website which allows the community at large to engage with us. So whatever your tea requirements, why not reach for a Joekels branded tea pack when brewing your next cuppa? It will be your best cup of tea yet!