How to Create a High Tea

Let’s face it; throwing a High Tea might seem like a daunting task if you’re not the hostess with the mostest… It’s okay, we’re here to change that perception, and help you create an afternoon tea that can’t be beaten. So, get your Rooibos, scones, tea set and pinky ready. Here’s our guide to a Haute High Tea!

Step one: Choose an occasion

Now, we’re not saying that you have to have a special occasion in order to throw a tea party. However, it’s always wonderful to celebrate something with a lovely afternoon event like a High Tea. Whether it’s a birthday, baby shower, anniversary, engagement, bridal shower, or even a reunion with old friends, there’s always something to be celebrated… even if it’s just a love of tea.

Step two: Choose your tea

Knowing the kinds of teas you’d like to serve will determine how you serve them and the kinds of complementary treats that will suit them best. Many teas require different preparations, so ensure you’re aware of this before you decide to serve them. Make sure you also have enough of the regular favourites, Rooibos and Black Tea!

Step three: Set the scene

Throwing a High Tea doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank with décor and special touches. You could embrace a beautiful raw wooden table at home and adorn it with a few fresh flowers from your garden placed in some pretty teapots. Or, you could use a pretty linen tablecloth and use lots of mason jars, hessian sacking, and candles for a more rustic feel. There are no rules to décor and you can make it any style you choose. It’s always best to create a look and feel that your guests will associate with you, that way; your tea time signature is something that screams you! You can choose your décor to a theme or keep it simple you could do minimal finishing touches. All that really matters is who you have with you and the special time you share with them.

Step four: Treats and eats

Much like décor, the snacks and sweets that you serve at your gathering don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you’re worried about soaring costs, ask guests to bring a plate of their signature eats for everyone to enjoy. This also makes guests feel special as each person is involved and bound to get a compliment on their dish. If the kitchen isn’t your domain, there are many easy recipes that take almost no time at all! Don’t assume that your eats need to be the traditional cocktail sandwiches and scones with cream. You could venture a little outside the box and make grown up rice crispy treats with a white chocolate ganache, topped with Turkish delight bits. Donuts are also making waves as a trendy teatime treat, and many local bakeries make scrumptious exotic flavours that are sure to impress. On the savoury front there’s posh bruschetta’s, a fun crostini bar or even cheese boards with all the trimmings. The choice is yours and the sky is the limit.