100 years of Joe + Kels!

2017 is a big year for Joekels Tea Packers, with founders and Directors Joe and Jonathan both celebrating their 50th birthdays.

Joe and Jonathan joined forces and names (Joe Swart + Jonathan Kelsey) to create Joekels Tea Packers in 1994, initially running a small operation out of Joe’s garage. 

Fast forward 23 years, and Joekels is the third largest tea manufacturer in South Africa, with the fastest growing Black tea in the country (Tetley), the second largest Rooibos brand (Laager), and the biggest kids tea brand (Tea4Kidz). 

Joe and Jonathan are still the heart of the business, and are well loved and respected not only by the Joekels family but by the industry as a whole. And so we raise our teacups (and our pinkies) and wish them both a very happy 50th birthday.

For more info on Joekels, please visit:
Joekels corporate website: www.joekels.co.za
Tea4Kidz website: www.more4momz.com
Laager Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/LaagerRooibos