Spring Themed High Tea fit for royal-TEA

Spring is here – what better way to celebrate then to invite your friends over for a Spring themed high tea?

We have put together a few tips to help you get started on the ultimate Spring themed High Tea.

What you will need:

  • Loads of Tetley Tea
  • Depending on the number of friends you’re inviting, make sure you have enough tea cups, saucers and side plates. You will also need to make sure that you have teapots, milk jugs and sugar containers.
  • Go for the decorative cutlery.
  • Once you’ve decided on your colour scheme, make sure your napkins match!
  • Enough seating and space for all your friends.
  • Cake stands and the traditional three tier serving trays.
  • Don’t skip on the décor, we’ve stuck to the Spring theme and have incorporated a range of flowers. Bunches of flowers in teapots also work well for decoration and fit the High Tea theme. You can also get creative and create name cards for each of your friends and place them at each place setting.

Once you have everything you need for your High Tea, get started on the food. No high tea is complete without the classic, freshly baked scones and strawberry jam! Be sure to serve both sweet and savory treats. For a range of recipes, please see our tea recipes on our blog page.

Did you know that the best practice for eating from a three-tiered serving tray, is to start from the bottom and work your way up? The first two tiers are always made up savory treats, like your cucumber sandwiches, savory muffins and mini sausage rolls. The middle serving tier is often where you will find the freshly baked scones. The third and final top tier is always made up with sweet treats, like petit fours, chocolate coated strawberries and mini cupcakes.

Make it fun! A few days before your high tea, why not let your friends know that a prize will be awarded to the best dressed person.

While your friends are enjoying their cup of Tetley Tea, why not use this as an opportunity to play a quick game with them? Put their high tea etiquette to the test with these three true or false questions:

  1. Always pour in your boiled water and milk before you drop in your teabag? (Answer: This is False, you must always wait for your tea to first brew before adding in your milk.)
  2. After stirring your tea, remove your teaspoon and place it on your saucer to the right of your teacup handle. (Answer: This is true as it makes it easy for you to pick up if you need to add in more sugar or stir your tea.)
  3. When drinking your tea, the best way to hold your teacup is by extending your pinkie finger. (Answer: This is surprisingly false and one of the biggest tea drinking myths, it is considered improper to stick your pinky finger out while drinking your tea.)

Pull out those floral dresses and make a flower crown – it’s time to celebrate Spring with Tetley!

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