Tea4Kidz new Peach & Apricot flavour

Laager Tea4Kidz has launched a new Peach & Apricot variant onto the market, driven by a growing demand for fruit flavoured options in the Kids Tea segment, as well as a Facebook poll where fans voted in Peach & Apricot as their preferred new Tea4Kidz flavour.

Tea4Kidz Peach & Apricot is the second fruit-flavoured variant in the Tea4Kidz range, joining Tea4Kidz Strawberry-flavoured Rooibos which is a firm favourite amongst many consumers (young and old!)

The launch of the new variant will be supported by a sampling campaign, a Print campaign in selected parenting magazines, and in-store communication in selected stores.

Tea4Kidz offers a range of Rooibos products that are specially designed for kids, and naturally caffeine-free and sugar-free. Kids will have a tough time choosing between these fun flavours and their wild characters:

  • Trumpy the Elephant’s Regular Rooibos
  • Henry the Hippo’s Rooibos Honeybush Blend
  • Rory the Lion’s Strawberry-flavoured Rooibos
  • Minki the Monkey’s All-in-One Tea (a blend of Rooibos, Honeybush, and Black Tea)
  • Jabu the Giraffe’s Vanilla Custard-flavoured Rooibos
  • Roxy the Rhino’s Peach & Apricot-flavoured Rooibos