Mad Hatter's High Tea

Today is International Mad Hatter's Day and in honour of that, why not celebrate by hosting a high tea for all your besties?

We have a few tips and tricks to help you throw a brilliantly bonkers Mad Hatter's tea party that your friends will never forget!

Follow these simple tips:


Create a whimsical Mad Hatter theme by using items from your home that you can turn into props. Dig deep in your child's toy box and pull out those toy instruments, teddies and tea sets, even throw in your bedside lamp, a bird cage and mirrors. One aspect that we love about this theme - is that your tea sets, tablecloths, serviettes and silverware don't have to match! Have a few clocks or a deck of cards lying around? Add them to your table decor! Hang colourful paper lanterns, string up fairy lights and bunting banners. Surround your table with mismatched vintage chairs to complete the look.


Once all your decorations are sorted, let's get started on the food for your Mad Hatter's tea party! Mini cupcakes work best when it comes to a high tea – your more dainty and delicious pastries are ideal! Fill large bowls and glass jars with jelly beans or a range of sweets that you know your friends will love. And don't forget - plenty of Tetley Tea for everyone to enjoy!


Dress up as your favourite Alice in Wonderland character - the best dressed wins a prize! Have your friends arrive in top-hats, rabbit ears and feather boas. Think giant bow ties, blazers and long flowy dresses. If Alice is your inspiration, wear a baby blue dress, a white apron and black school like shoes!

Don't forget the games

What would a Mad Hatter party be without a hat game? The rules are simple -line all your guests up at the starting line and give each one a hat to throw. On the count of three, everyone must throw their hat at the same and as far as they can. Whoever throws their hat the furthest, wins a prize!

Come on and follow us down the rabbit hole for an afternoon full of fun!