Laager golden teabag

First Gold Tea Bag Found

THE last thing Priscilla was expecting in her box of Laager Rooibos was a golden tea bag.

"I couldn't believe it. I thought it was a joke!" the 43-year-old nurse from Randpark Ridge says.

However, it was anything but a joke as the married mother of two children and avid Laager Rooibos consumer has discovered as she laughs to the bank with her R100,000 cash prize. Priscilla was the first lucky winner of the Laager Rooibos golden tea bag hunt competition being run in specially-marked promotional packs.

There are now four more golden tea bags in the brand's 80s packs with the promotion running until September.

Priscilla says she has been drinking Laager Rooibos for years.

"It's part and parcel of my home. We cannot do without it ... I didn't even know anything about the competition and just did the usual thing in buying my Laager Rooibos from my local grocery store," she says.

Priscilla's windfall comes after Durban-based Joekels Tea Packers master tea blender and director Jonathan Kelsey called the public to participate in the promotion via a YouTube video ( They can also follow the promotion; watch the winners being showcased as the gold tea bags are discovered and stand a chance to win additional prizes on the Laager Facebook page (

"We have always believed our Laager Rooibos tastes like gold, so are rewarding our fans with some real gold," Kelsey says.

As for Priscilla - she has yet to decide how she will spend her prize money, but she is sure of one thing - she will never again view a box of Laager Rooibos in the same light.


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