A healthy brew from Tetley

Embargo 1 June 2017



Tetley, the world’s second largest tea brand and supplier of award winning beverages has launched Tetley Pure Green Tea in South Africa.  Meticulously sourced and authentically brewed by the Tetley Tea Master, Jonathan Kelsey, Tetley Pure Green Tea offers the full bodied flavour one would expect from Tetley paired with the health benefits of Green tea.

Capitalising on the growing mega trend of health conscious consumers and with over 175 years of tea blending expertise, Tetley Pure Green Tea offers consumers a smart choice for a balanced lifestyle.

“Over the years we have seen a spike in the number of South Africans looking for healthy alternatives that fit into their current lifestyle. Tea is the second most consumed beverage globally (after water), sowhat better way to make a healthy switch than to choose a healthy Green tea”, notes Tetley Marketing Manager Candice Sessions. ”The purity of our Tetley Green Tea combined with our selective sourcing of tea leaves and expert brewing capabilities has resulted in the perfect blend for these on-the-go South Africans looking for a refreshing tea with built-in health benefits”.

Tetley continues to remain at the forefront of tea trends and innovations with the launch of their Pure Green Tea giving consumers a healthy twist on an old favourite.  The Tetley Pure Green Tea launch ensures tea lovers get to enjoy a refreshing hot beverage that is packed with antioxidants and also lives up to the full-bodied flavour that consumers have come to expect from the Tetley brand.

Tetley Pure Green Tea is available in retail stores from 1 June 2017 in two pack sizes, 102 tea bags or 20 teabags. Look out for the fresh green box.

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