• 1994

    Our journey began…

    • Joe and Jonathan started Joekels in Joe’s garage
    • Moved into first official work building in 13 Devro Park
    • Staff count – 5 people
    • Launched our first tea brand, Phendula Tips
  • 1997

    Each day we grew, and so did our success

    • Won Sanlam Entrepreneur of the Year Award
    • Launched Tea Time Black Tea
    • Staff count – 5 people
    • Moved into a bigger space at 14 Devro Park
  • 2000

    Just like that, things started to happen

    • Launched the world’s first Tea4Kidz (under the Phendula brand)
    • Starting packing Spar housebrand, Savemore Black Tea
    • Nominated for Marketing Award from the Institute of Marketing Management
  • 2003

    Little by little, we reached new goals

    • Purchased Laager Rooibos from Unilever
    • Launched Tea for Me
    • Moved into a bigger place to pack Laager at 12 Caversham Road
  • 2005

    Suddenly, we were a household name

    • Launched San Aqua Rooibos Iced Tea Tetley bought a 33.3% equity in Joekels
    • Received a Bronze Award from the Food & Wine Show for Best Speciality Product Display
    • Became a member of the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • 2007

    We grew our range…

    • Launched Laager Herbals range (Green Rooibos, Green Citrus & Ginger Rooibos, Rooibos & Honeybush)
    • Moved Tea4Kidz into the Laager range
    • Purchased Teeco and Southall’s from CTC (Coffee, Tea and Chocolate Company)
  • 2009

    … And we expanded more than we thought possible

    • Launched Tetley Big Tea
    • Launched Boxer Black
    • Tetley took a further equity stake of 17.7% in the business (Total 51%)
    • Launched Laager Shake4Kidz and Laager Rooibos Cappuccino
  • 2011

    Once again we moved to bigger premises

    • Certificate of acceptability for food premises obtained
    • Bigger is Better: Moved to 23-33 Hagart road
  • 2013

    We filled even more cups, this time with new flavours

    • Secured Organic and Kosher certifications
    • Launched Tea Time Rooibos and Boxer Rooibos
    • Launched Shoprite Housebrand cappuccino, Antigua
  • 2015

    And then?

    • Awarded Big Brand of the Year by Shoprite Group
    • First consumer communication
    • Launched Laager Facebook
    • Page and Tea4Kidz website
  • 2017

    And now?

    • Launched Tetley Green tea -
    • #2 Pure Green Tea in 6 months
    • Record Black tea production at Joekels factory (279 tons in 1 month)
  • 2018

    Lebo and Tebo

    • Laager partnered with twin chefs, Lebo & Tebo Ndala